The role of African Trade Group is to use its expertise to foster small-, medium-, and large-scale industrial development projects in every African country. An Africa-centric industry and trade broker is a company that provides comprehensive, multi-dimensional deal structuring services, supplies equipment, technical know-how, and deal management services from inception to the material consummation of a given transaction for clients seeking to develop industrial projects.

Our Services

African Trade Group can provide turnkey services or supply any aspect of an industrial plant required by our clients. If we are retained to provide turnkey services, which involves taking a client’s concept and helping them realize the industry, we will vet the client to ensure they have the resources necessary for the project before proceeding. The vetting involves examining their ability to carry forward the goal of building an industrial plant based on sound management and financial capacity. A financial statement is a critical component in the process. If the client does not have one, we will help them create it. This process involves reviewing the client’s financial assets and existing liabilities. We will also examine existing banking relationships to ensure the client has a solid base of financial partners to support an industrial enterprise. After this review, African Trade Group and the client will have sufficient information about the client’s capacity, and together, we can make the decision to proceed or reevaluate the opportunity and project.

Please see a representative sampling of industries below. However, our capability exceeds the industries listed in the sampling. If there is an industrial plant you are interested in that is not listed, please contact us with information.

  • Coffee processing into canned supermarket-ready products
  • Cocoa processing into chocolate and other beverages
  • Palm Kennel processing
  • Cashew nut processing, peanut butter manufacturing
  • Hides and skins processing and fabrication plants
  • Alcoholic beverage production using local raw materials
  • Soft beverages production using local raw materials only
  • Sugarcane farming and associate processing industries, including
    – Sugar cane juice production
    – Molasses production
  • Cotton farming and processing industries
  • Beet Growing and processing
  • Mushroom growing and processing
  • Coconut milk processing and canning
  • Spice processing and packaging
  • Fruit processing industries
  • Tomato processing and canning
  • Chip making industries
  • Steel production and fabrication plants
  • Copper production and fabrication plants
  • Aluminum production and fabrication plants
  • Silver production and fabrication plants
  • Platinum production and fabrication plants
  • Gold production and fabrication plants
  • Apparel manufacturing
  • Athletic wear manufacturing
  • Injection and blow-molding plastics plants
  • Plastics extrusion plants
  • Paper and wood manufacturing plants