African Trade Group is an international trading company patterned after the great Japanese trading houses. We are developing our plan to establish a presence in every African country as well as in some territories. Our presence will include a distribution operation with warehousing capability and a marketing team. This capability will give us great market penetration on the continent. We buy and sell for our own account as well as for our clients.

Our scope is unlimited. Our unshakable commitment to our customer is if the product exists in the world, African Trade Group will locate and deliver it to the client. Consider us your one-source company.

How We Can Help African Exporters

We have a broad and dynamic platform of attributes to offer prospective African exporters. We are importers and distributors for our own account, so if you have a product you want to export, contact us, and we will evaluate whether it falls in line with products that we are interested in adding to our line. However, if we are not going to import your product for our account, we can help you find a distribution channel for your product.

  • Market Research Services. We provide market study and analysis using experts in the designated market to compile real-time market intelligence that will help our customers make capital-sensitive decisions.
  • Product Introduction and Marketing Services. Using our network of distribution and market expertise, we can introduce new products to markets around the world. The process includes identifying key principals of the supply chain, including importers, wholesale operators, and retail operators, to help ensure successful introduction and sales in a given market. African Trade Group is also capable of designing comprehensive information dispersal to the target market as part of the market introduction and penetration strategy.
  • Branding Packing and Labeling Strategies. African Trade Group will help customers determine the product’s standards and also recommend branding strategies specific to markets.

Companies who are interested in exporting to Africa can expect a capable partner. We import into select African countries and can provide on-the-ground expertise. We can provide market intelligence, sales, and marketing expertise for the successful introduction of products.