Welcome to the African Trade Group Crowdfunding Campaign!

Transforming African Trade for a Brighter Future

Africa, despite its immense natural resources, remains the world’s poorest continent. This is not a fate; it’s a problem we can fix – at least together. At African Trade Group, we are on a call to shift this narrative, and we need your help in effecting impactful changes.

Introducing Our Indiegogo Campaign

We are justly proud to announce our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The money raised from this campaign will be used to set up a pilot farm in Congo for growing corn domestically using advanced farming techniques. In doing so, we intend to:

  • Reduce reliance on imports: Corn grown locally translates to a reduced dependency on expensive imports and saves much needed hard currency. 
  • Job creation: The farm will employ locals, thus developing the local economy and creating stable family incomes.
  • Sustainable Development: Modern farming techniques guarantee long-term agricultural productivity and maintenance of environmental sustainability.

Why Your Support Matters

Your participation will make a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across Congo and beyond. When you support our campaign, you are working toward a future where African nations are able to produce, manufacture, and export – with poverty going down and thus facilitating economic growth.

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Join this Journey of Transformation

By funding our Indiegogo campaign, well, you are part of the revolution to a degree in empowering Africa. We’ve got some really cool thank-yous lined up for you, like signed books, thank-you plaques, specially made gifts from Congo, and private farm visits. This would be the world to us and to our communities we strive to empower.

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Thank You

Thank you for your interest in the African Trade Group and our vision of changing trade in Africa. We are going to build a great future for the continent, one step at a time.