Export Industries

African Trade Group is uniquely positioned to assist African governments, the public sector,the private sector, and entrepreneurs who are interested in getting into the export arena. Wecan consult with our clients in the same manner as we do for all industrial ventures. We canassist the promoter of the venture in several ways:

Conversion of Raw Materials Industries

The greatest areas of need in African countries are export industries that convert raw materials exported by African countries into finished goods for export, including petrochemicals, metals, agriculture, etc. African Trade Group can facilitate and consult in every industrial need in the area of conversion industries.

Joint Venture Industries Manufacturing for Supply to Joint Venture Partner’s Customers

African Trade Group LLC can match African industrialists with foreign counterparts for industrial partnerships geared to manufacture goods for re-export to the joint venture partner. The range of opportunities is vast.

  • From the initial concept stage, we can/will consult with the client on the idea of what
    the new plant will produce and the intended target market/markets.
  • When a final decision has been reached on the first phase, the information will be used to develop a preliminary production process, including labor, equipment, and development costs.
  • When a final decision has been made in the plant cost phase, we can help the client produce a feasibility/business plan for the venture. Feasibility will include product operations and unit cost, available markets, penetrability of available markets, and profit and loss statements.
  • The third phase of the development process involves determining financing for the project. In the financing phase, our ability to provide marketing for the resultant products will be very helpful. We are able to enter into binding agreements with our clients to purchase products for distribution in hard currency markets.
  • Binding contracts to purchase products will help market-making if the venture needs foreign funding. It will also help in sourcing domestic bank loans and investment capital.
  • Our technical experts will assist during construction.
  • Post-construction, our experts will continue to consult with the management to ensure the operational goals of the new plant are being met.
  • Our import division will start to import products as agreed upon commencement of production.
  • Our imports will be paid as agreed.
  • Coffee processing into canned supermarket ready products
  • Cocoa processing into chocolate and other beverages
  • Palm Kennel processing
  • Cashew nut processing; Peanut Butter manufacturing
  • Hides and skins processing and fabrication plants
  • Alcoholic Beverage production using local raw materials
  • Soft Beverages Production using local raw materials only
  • Sugarcane farming and associate processing Industries, including
    -Sugar Cane Juice production
    -Molasses Production
  • Cotton Framing and processing industries
  • Beet Growing and processing
  • Mushrooms Growing and processing
  • Coconut milk processing and canning
  • Spice processing and packaging
  • Fruit Processing Industries
  • Tomato Processing and canning
  • Chip making industries
  • Steel production and fabrication plants
  • Copper production and fabrication plants
  • Aluminum production and fabrication plants
  • Silver production and Fabrication plants
  • Platinum production and fabrication plants
  • Gold production and Fabrication plants