AFRICAN TRADE GROUP is an emerging one-source Africa-Centric global trade company that is focused on African trade. We specialize in helping clients in African countries to develop industrial projects and to market their products in the global arena. We are also exporters to the African market. We supply commodities and manufactured goods to and from the global market to African countries. African Trade Group is developing a network of marketing, distribtion, advocating and promotion resources in every African country. The objective of African Trade Group is to become the dominant company in African countries’s trade with the world over the next ten years.

    Our Vision

    AFRICAN TRADE GROUP aims to be a critical component of African countries ascendancy in global commerce through industrial exports. In addition to fostering the rise of export industries in every African country, AFRICAN TRADE GROUP aspires to become the premier company in the trading of commodities and manufactured goods of African origin. AFRICAN TRADE GROUP will channel trade engineering expertise to facilitate vast expansion of intra-Africa trade. By 2016, AFRICAN TRADE GROUP will have  company-owned and managed operation centers in every African country and territory.


    AFRICAN TRADE GROUP is committed to using our trade engineering expertise to catalyze regional and intra-African trade and industrialization of African countries.We also cater to companies around the world who are interested in the products and services we offer. Our objective is to be the preferred partner for traders, manufacturers, producers and purchasers of commodities (ferrous as well as non-ferrous) in every part of the world who desire to introduce products into African markets and to import products from African countries. We will achieve this objective through developing and sustaining long-term business partners and relationships in every part of the world using our commitment to delivering exceptional service, cost of goods factor and by adding value at every step of the supply chain for our valued clients.