Contact African Trade Group if you need assistance to build a new plant or to source equipment or parts for an existing plant. We know how to help you.


The role of AFRICAN TRADE GROUP is to use its expertise to foster small, medium and large-scale industrial development projects in every African country.
An Africa-Centric industries and trade broker for definition purpose is a company that provides comprehensive multi-dimensional deal structuring services, supplies equipment and technical know-how and deal management services from inception to material consummation of a given transaction for clients seeking to develop industrial projects.

Our Services

AFRICAN TRADE GROUP can provide turnkey services or supply any aspect of an industrial plant required by our client. If we are retained to provide turnkey service, which requires us to take our client’s concept idea and from it to help the client to realize the industry, we will vet our client to make sure that they have the resources necessary for the project before proceeding. The vetting involves examining their ability carryforward the goal of building an industrial plant based on sound management capacity and financial capacity. A financial statement is a critical component in the process. If the client does not have one, we will help them to create it. This involves reviewing the client’s financial assets and existing liabilities. We will also examine existing banking relationships to ensure that the client has a base of financial partners with whom a strong relation exists to support an industrial enterprise. After this process, AFRICAN TRADE GROUP and the client will be sufficiently informed about the client’s capacity and the decision to proceed or reevaluate the opportunity and project can then be made

Develop Feasibility studies and bank funding package

This is where we ensure that a given project is bankable. The feasibility studies will determine the financial viability of the client’s idea and also enable us to prepare a financing plan that will be used in the domestic and where necessary, in the international market.

Source and supply Equipment and technical expertise
In projects where we are given turnkey responsibility, we will also supply equipment and technical know-how.

Arrange local and International financing as needed
In turnkey projects, we are capable of arranging local and international financing through our market-making.

See a Sampling of industries. Our capability exceeds industries represented in the sampling. If an industrial plant you are interested in is not listed, please contact us with information.

A few Examples of layout of industrial plants