Compensatory Trade Strategy: How to Fund Import Export Trade When Hard Currency is in Short Supply

    There is only one reason why writing a book on this subject matter is relevant to our times. And it is due to the fact that African nations, like most developing countries, need a new approach to issues relating to the challenge of creating sustained economic development.
    Compensatory Trade Strategy represents a multiple options plan for establishing and implementing trade arrangements in developing countries, particularly in times of hard currency shortage.
    Author John Akhile brings twenty-five years of experience on the conduct and finance of international trade, specifically on sub-Saharan Africa, and offers a new look at this global crisis. With his comprehensive approach, Akhile creates a basic plan for those interested in compensatory trade.
    For developing countries, Akhile presents strategies for creating new industrial development projects and for arranging trade transactions for critical supplies. For companies who are seeking to continue and even expand existing opportunities, Compensatory Trade Strategy is a road map for achieving both objectives.

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